Avril Lavigne assists willow smith in la with the arrangement of her new music video as they collaborate on another pop-punk track

Avril Lavigne and Willow Smith are collaborating on a pop-punk single for her future album.

Additionally, the 36-year-old Canadian singer was spotted in Los Angeles on Monday assisting with arranging Willow’s song video.

The pair appeared to be having a great time as they shook out together.

They are seen high-fiving one other after belting out their music throughout the shoot.

Willow, 20, who recently referred to Avril as a symbol

Sported a stunning costume that included neon plaid leggings, a ripped yellow shirt, and thick white ribbon-up boots.

The Whip My Hair singer is decked out in a variety of studded belts and metal chokers.

Avril worked in tandem with Willow.

Who is Will Smith’s girlfriend, dressed in plaid pants and a black shirt but concealed beneath a cowhide coat?

‘I’m really excited that I’m going to have a song on the collection with Avril Lavigne,’

Willow revealed the news to V magazine.

She is extremely well-known. Between the ages of 13 and 16, she was my divinity. It’s genuinely perfect to have the possibility of collaborating with the pop-punk sovereign on a quintessential pop-punk record.’

Additionally, Willow stated that she wishes to offer more representation to the stone world with the new music.

‘Through the music that I’m releasing at the moment and the portrayal that I can add to the mix, I trust that the people of color who are listening to my music will be receptive.

And those who pay attention to this collection will notice that there are more of us out there.

‘This is the genuine article. You are in excellent company. You are by no means the only person of color who wishes she could turn her hair around.

and wear thick eyeliner, do you get what I’m saying?’

At the age of 13, the singer made his musical debut with the appealing Whip My Hair.

Straightforward Soul, her most recent track, was released in April and featured Squint 182 drummer Travis Barker.

It is determined whether she will stay a pop-punk artist.

Willow explained to V, ‘I’ll go wherever the music is, but I’m a huge fan of pop-punk. Whatever the case may be, metal is where my heart is. That is unavoidably going to happen sooner or later.’

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