Brexit, according to Elton John, is a ‘catastrophe’ for new British singers.

Elton John warned on Thursday that a generation in the UK music industry is lost because of post-Brexit touring restrictions in the European Union.

“To put it, there is a serious risk that we will lose a whole generation of talent because of the government’s trade deal,” the Rocket Man songwriter said on his Instagram page.

The UK-EU trade deal, which took effect at the start of the year, no longer guarantees UK musicians visa-free travel to the continent.

John, 74, revealed last month that he met Brexit Minister David Frost to discuss the matter.

“The high costs of visas, carnets and licenses mean that new and new artists cannot travel freely through Europe, a fundamental element in educating and developing them, “He wrote. He wrote.

“However, even after this imminent disaster, the govt seems unable to do so, refusing to answer the gaping hole in its commercial deal rather than blame the EU.

“I would have been unable to pave the way for my career if I had faced the financial and logistical barriers that young musicians are facing today at the start of my life, and I sincerely hesitated to be where I stand today,” he added.

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