This year’s V-Day may look a little different, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best – dressing and feeling good.

This is the time of year. Cupid sharpened his arrows, ready to fire. We have about a week until Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending the day with your husband, hanging out with the girls, or cuddling in bed with a good book in hand (you’re gone, cheers), we’ll pick a cozy night indoors. still ordered. And if there’s one thing we didn’t miss in the world before the Miss Rhone uprising, it’s elbow to elbow with strangers.

We envision our ideal Valentine’s Day at Miss Rhone time as follows: a quiet evening, cooking dinner, sipping a glass of wine by hand, watching a movie when we want, and getting work done. Think of a scene from a romantic girl. Hassle-free, simple, as we think all relationships should be. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still dressed for him. It’s still night, women’s night or the night to immerse yourself in self-love.

But none of those basic bodycon, thanks. That’s comfort with a touch of sexy. We need space to move freely and hide the stomachs of food in the photo later tonight. If you can’t decide what to wear on V-Day, think about it. You probably already have some in your closet.


Is that a shirt? Is that a dress? This is a dress with a shirt. Not quite one or the other, but it works. And if you don’t already have one, check out your husband’s wardrobe. We’re sure you have plenty of options out there. And you can come out with a PJ underneath, no one needs to know.


Throw it away and you seem to have put in more effort to prepare than you did. You can even fall asleep in it next to the linens.


When spending an evening with your friends, a coordinated set of pajamas is appropriate regardless of your age. The bachelor is on the TV, a bottle of wine on standby and chatting until the sun comes up? Yes, pajamas sound like an outfit for the occasion.

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