Following the royal, Michael Jackson’s family condemns Martin Bashir for deceiving a late Singer

Taj Jackson, the late singer Michael Jackson’s nephew, has launched a full-court press against former BBC journalist Martin Bashir, just days after he was revealed to have lied to the late Princess Diana during their 1995 interview.

In his 2003 documentary Living with Michael Jackson, Taj criticized Bashir on Good Morning Britain for “stabbing in the back.” The documentary, based on MJ, became problematic following the late icon’s admission to sharing a bed with young lads.

“My uncle felt secure with him, secure in the knowledge that he would portray him accurately. My uncle treated him like a friend and then stabbed him in the back with the voiceovers and editing,” Taj stated on the show.

Taj previously told TMZ: ” The edited film and monothecal journalism of Bashir is one of the main reasons why my uncle Michael is not here today.”

The discredited BBC journalist has come under fire after an investigation into his famed 1995 interview with Princess Diana revealed that he used “deceptive” tactics and fabricated bank records to entice the late princess to speak frankly about her failing marriage to Prince Charles.

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