Above a year into the epidemic & still the end isn’t yet in sight. The United Kingdom has vaccinated masses of people but Covid-19 patients are still circulating and new modifications are causing the main concern.

Great Britain entered the 2nd phase of easing its third-lockdown this Monday, as the national vaccination campaign has gotten some success in dropping the case numbers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson greeted the UK’s modern lockdown lift, while requesting people to follow the social distancing & hygiene guidelines with cases increasing across Europe & new variants intimidating the vaccine rollout.

When will the rest of the limitations be alleviated?

The first phase of reopening was begun on march 8. If case statistics remain under regulation, then;

  1. Outdoor drinking in pubs and outdoor service in restaurants will resume.
  2. Non essential retail and services like hairdressers will also reopen.

As vaccinations endures at a good pace, the government expects to fully lift the restrictions in June.

“And as things stand, I can see undeniably nothing in the data to discourage me from enduring along our roadmap to liberty, revealing our economy and getting back to the life we care about,” Johnson said this Saturday.

Step Two – 12th April, 2021:

Great parts of the economy have reopened on April 12 – all dates set off by the government are grounded around the initial possible dates when things might change and are questioned to review. It is likely these dates could have been slipped. As all went according to the plan thus April 12 will see non-essential retail, hair & nail salons reopening. Public structures such as museums were also allowed to open once again. Friendliness venues for example pubs and restaurants are able to serve people at outdoor tables. Gyms & further indoor leisure amenities are also allowed to reopen at this point; however, people can only go unaccompanied or with people from their own families. Guest rooms are also reopened. The sum of people at memorials and wedding ceremonies are also permitted to increase to 30 and 15, correspondingly.

  • Non-essential workshops, hairdressers, gyms, swimming pools, nail salons, libraries, & outdoor charms such as theme parks & zoos are permitted to reopen
  • Outdoor friendliness can reopen, counting pubs and restaurants – with the rule of 6 or a larger group from 2 families only
  • Clients do not have to buy a considerable meal to have an fermented drink and there is no restriction but people have to be settled when ordering & drinking or eating
  • Two stated people can visit care home inhabitants
  • Children can join indoor children’s events, including game
  • Parent & teen groups of up to 15 people (not enumerating children aged below five) can restart indoors
  • Self-catering outings in the UK with your own family is permissible
  • Memorials of up to 30 individuals. Wedding ceremony & aftermaths of up to 15 individuals
  • Driving lessons are allowable but trials can not happen until 22 April

Step three – 17th May, 2021:

The 3rd lockdown easing’s 3rd step in the UK will happen by May 17 at the initial. Indoor mixing will be allowable up to clusters of 6 people & pubs & restaurants will be permitted to open in the house. Hotels, cinemas & other indoor locations will also revive at this point (with the rule of 6 still in position). Sports arenas will be permitted to revive to fans, with the major stadiums acceptable to have 10,000 people in simultaneously. Marriages will be permissible to have up to 30 people in presence. The government is leading a review into world-wide travel but this is the initial that it may be permitted again – beyond existing exceptions.

  • In the open air, most social interaction rules will be lifted, but meetings of more than 30 will be prohibited
  • Indoors, the rule of 6 or a larger group of up to 2 families will be allowable
  • Indoor friendliness – pubs, cafeterias, movies, playhouses, museums, galleries, concert halls, children play areas, guesthouses, indoor workout classes – will be permitted
  • Advice on social distancing between family and friends, including hugging, will be updated no later than 17 May
  • Large indoor performances and sporting events with a capacity of 1,000 people will be allowed
  • Open-air large performances & sporting events will have an extreme capacity of 4,000 people or must only be semi full, whichever is lower
  • Larger sports arenas will be permitted with 10,000 people or can only be a quarter full, whichever is lesser.
  • Challenging will be used for the funding of these openings
  • Marriages, wedding receptions, aftermaths, memorials and christenings will be permissible with 30 people.

Step four – 21st June, 2021:

The final step of the 3rd lockdown easing will occur no later than June 21. At this point restrictions on mixing, both outside and in the house, are planned to be aloof and any shares of the economy that are locked will be able to revive.

  • All lawful limits on social contact aloof
  • Government has a belief to reopen nightclubs & lift restrictions on large events such as commemorations
  • Testing might be used as a state of entry
  • Ministers expect to remove limitations on weddings

When will the lockdown end and will this be the last lockdown?

Showing the continued and ongoing gravity of the pandemic, it has been reported that Covid-19 lockdown rules have been extended in the UK until July 17. The laws give local councils authority to shut restaurants, pubs, shops and other businesses if they feel it necessary. While the rules have been extended, it does not mean lockdowns will essentially last this extended.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that mainland Europe’s up-to-date COVID wave could hit the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in about 3 weeks, but the “vital difference” in the UK is the vaccination energy. People must be prepared for a fourth lockdown if the situation doesn’t settle until June.

Stay tuned to The UK Times for more updates and news related to Covid-19 Lockdown in the United Kingdom

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