India is subject to a travel ban by the United Kingdom.

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, and just as the United Kingdom’s Government hinted at lifting the country’s rigorous lockdown standards, an ‘Indian’ strain of the deadly virus arrived and was found in several parts of the country.

The United Kingdom’s government decided on Monday to put India on its red list’ due to the spike in cases of this new type.

Following the ruling, a total of 103 occurrences of this variation were recorded, with the first being detected in India. Up until Sunday, England had recorded 73 such instances, and the variant had spread to Scotland, where four such cases were discovered. On Monday, April 19, researchers discovered an increase in this variation in 26 of the newly reported coronavirus cases.

As a result of this horrible scenario, the United Kingdom’s government decided to put travel restrictions on India, prohibiting travelers from India from landing in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom citizens now in India have been strictly instructed to quarantine for ten days upon their return to the United Kingdom in government-approved quarantine hotels.

Fear of the Indian variety has persisted in the country as a ‘replica’ of the UK form detected in early 2021.

This decision was made and confirmed by the House of Commons. The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, claimed in the House of Commons on Monday that overseas travel was the key reason for the finding of the Indian variety in the UK.

‘While these two countries have friendly and beneficial ties and this decision may have an effect on them, given the current situation and prior efforts to stem the rapid spread of this deadly virus, this decision must be taken as soon as possible.’

The United Kingdom formerly placed 30 countries on its red list, including Pakistan, the Philippines, Kenya, and Bangladesh, virtually barring travel from these countries.

Matt Hancock further stated that experts have collected samples of this new variation and are watching it to discover whether it is more easily spread to others, whether it has a greater mortality rate, and whether the approved Coronavirus vaccinations are appropriate to its patients.

The UK and Indian governments released a joint statement earlier this month, noting that ‘due to an upsurge in instances of the new coronavirus, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official tour has been cancelled, and the two premiers will meet later this month.’

The aforementioned rules will take effect at 4 a.m. on Saturday, April 24.

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