Loch Ness’s map glitch reveals an X-rated photo that has Google Maps users in fits of laughter.

While Google Maps has primarily improved our lives, it occasionally glitches and provides the best form of entertainment, or in some cases, bizarre photos.

In one recent instance, street view enthusiasts searching for Nessie discovered something entirely different when they visited Google Maps.

The fabled Loch Ness monster, a mythical creature believed to be hiding beneath the waters by avid folklore enthusiasts, is said to call the freshwater lake home.

One Twitter user sought out a naked person’s x-rated image in the app and clicked on the street view to get only an unexpected image. Perplexed by the glitch, he shared it with followers online, who were in stitches – with one commenting that this is ‘what the internet is all about’.

According to the user, the street view option of Google Maps was contaminated with another unknown spot where a naked person is standing outside.

On the left-hand side of the screen, an apartment appears in place of the fabled Loch Ness monster waters.

And when viewers clicked on the view on the street, they were brought to a slightly different view of Nessie than what they thought. He scrolled the software and confronted the now viral feeling of the internet. The gentleman appears to be smiling as he takes a sexy selfie with a selfie stick.

He’s naked on a patio, surrounded by loungers and chairs. A pool and another person appear to be soaking up the sun (although fully clothed).

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