Pakistan’s trip to England has been postponed due to the PSL PCB setting a preliminary date of June 7 for the PSL

Due to the new PSL dates, the ECB has agreed to postpone Pakistan’s tour of England.

In July, Pakistan will play six white-ball internationals in England, according to AFP.

According to the PCB, Pakistan’s cricket team, which was supposed to arrive in England on June 23, will now arrive on June 25. The dates of the matches will not be changed to coincide with the main round of the visit. On July 8, an ODI will be played in Cardiff.

The PSL is now scheduled to end on June 24 in the UAE and to begin on June 7.The turnaround time for this matchup between two of the finest teams in the world is likely to be quick.

COVID-19 Requirements

The guest players will have to isolate for 14 days after their arrival since the UAE – and Pakistan – are on the UK’s red list as a result of the COVID-19 Crisis. While they have been told they can train there, there will be very little time between seclusion and the start of the trip. In reality, if the timing for Pakistan’s visit to England does not change, Pakistan’s voyaging gathering will necessitate an exemption from the UK government’s standard, which requires travelers from red-list countries to be isolated for 14 days. According to the previous timetable, the Pakistanis will arrive 13 days before the ODI in Cardiff.

Previously, the Pakistan team was slated to come to the United Kingdom on June 22; however, the PSL’s fluctuating schedules continue to change the dates. The PCB recommended shortening the league to fit it within the available window, but the media reports that each of the six sponsors was opposed to the idea. Different organizations, cricket boards, and sponsors have planned trips and events around the present dates and 20 additional matches. Thus a smaller competition would have an economic advantage.

On June 1, the PSL was again postponed.

The start of the PSL was delayed again on Monday when the Abu Dhabi authorities took 16 players from participating clubs from their Abu Dhabi housing and transported them to Dubai. This threw another difficulty into the mix, making the organization ineligible to begin until the precise set of players completed the required isolation period.

The PCB’s goal of starting the PSL by June 7 has been postponed till further notice, subject to exceptions granted by the UAE’s National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA). According to the PCB, NCEMA will make its final decision on whether to eliminate the team whose isolation ends on June 7 Wednesday. On Wednesday evening, the seven-day isolation period for players and staff who arrived in the UAE on sanctioned departures from Pakistan will also come to an end.

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