5 Best Beauty Related Hacks We Discovered on Tik Tok For Beginners

If you’ve avoided downloading TikTok in the last year, consider doing it now. The famous social media site devoted to bite-sized films is a veritable trove of hacks of all kinds, particularly in the realm of beauty. The most helpful beauty idea we discovered on Tik Tok that it is an endless source of joy. While we adore an over-the-top makeup look, we are constantly open to solutions to streamline our procedures. We no longer approach cosmetics in the same way and with cause; here are five ideas we now swear by.

#1 Bathrobe Curls

When we go to bed and wake up with gorgeous hair, the reality is that most days, we wake up with unruly hair and require all assistance until Tik Tok teaches us otherwise. If you’re going to bed, tie your hair over the waist of your bathrobe. The following morning, you will discover fluffy curled hair. This is a folding technique for robes used at night. We were immediately suspicious, as we were of many earlier Tik Tok creations. Nonetheless, we attempted. Wrapping damp hair around the waist of a bathrobe and retiring to bed sounds like the solution to morning neck numbness.

#2 Soap brows are not a Tik Tok innovation. 

Soap brows are one of the many tricks that cosmetic artists have been keeping under wraps for years. Rather than cleaning the eyebrows with eyebrow gel to make them thin and breathable, all you need is a pear-shaped soap or a transparent replacement that will not adhere to the hair. It’s self-evident that soap is superior to the majority of eyebrow gels available in stores

#3 Immediate plastic surgery.

As excessively contoured cheeks become increasingly tiresome, we’re turning our attention to mouth contouring. TikTok demonstrated how to do it, and all you need is a brown lip pencil in a shade that complements your skin tone. Line the sides of your top lips and beneath your bottom lip with a lip liner and smudge it out with your finger for an immediate lift.

#4 Manic Mascara

Tik Tok has a few gimmicks that will make you reconsider how fascinating it is. This mascara is an excellent illustration. Provide a convenient city mascara that can be applied on all eyelids. You do not wish to retreat as is customary. Make a mess to demonstrate that you did it correctly. It would help if you cleaned it. Then, using a cotton swab, clean the area. Alternatively, place your index finger under your eyelashes to prevent obstructing your vision.

#5 Concealing a Pimple

This is usually the order you apply. We may have no reason to change this, at least until Tik Tok told us. This is the best line of defense against red and angry intruders on your face. Cover the grains with a thick layer of concealer without mixing.

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