The United Kingdom to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

The troops of the United Kingdom are present in the land of Afghans for the previous two decades now. Since the year 2021, when the troops from the United Kingdom were first installed in Afghanistan, approximately 450 British soldiers had been killed in their conflict against terror groups such as Al Qaida, and the Afghan Taliban. 

As the news from the United States caught attention from all across the globe, when the United States announced to withdraw all its armed forces from the country by September 11th, the entire world had turned its eyes towards the British troops present in Afghanistan. 

Soon after, the Defense Secretary of the United Kingdom, Mr. Ben Wallace recently announced that the United Kingdom will be removing all its troops from the Afghan land.

After the confirmation, he further added that if any attacks are made on UK’s present troops in Afghanistan is made, the United Kingdom would retaliate. 

The removal of the troops would be taking place from next month. NATO has also confirmed that the allies would start the process from May 1st.

The United Kingdom had already decided the remove troops in 2014, when several armed forces were removed from there, however, as part of the NATO pact, 750 troops remained in the country with the purpose to train Afghan soldiers for stability in their region.

English defence secretary, in a recent statement, said: ‘The natives of Afghanistan deserve a peaceful and stable future.’

According to Wallace, the main aim to remove the troops from Afghanistan is to promote tranquillity in the country for its people who have experienced several decades of war, terror, and bloodshed.

He further expressed, ‘The British soldiers installed in Afghanistan and the British public would be bidding farewell to Afghanistan with its pending withdrawal.’

Keeping in mind the hundreds of soldiers who had lost their lives in the fight against the Taliban since 2001, the Defense secretary added, ‘Most importantly, we must remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, who shall never be forgotten.’ 

Among the leading names in this fight against terrorism in the United States of America. The newly elected President of the USA, Joe Biden had said regarding the American troops that ‘time to end America’s longest war.’

Biden went on to declare that the pulling out of the American armed forces from the land of Afghans does not mean that it will stop its ‘diplomatic and humanitarian efforts in the country.

The United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, in conversation with NATO allies in Brussels, said that they are paying attention towards a ‘coordinated and safe and sound removal of troops from Afghanistan.’

Defense correspondent Jonathan Beale has already mentioned that the NATO Allies, as well as the United Kingdom, rely mainly on the resources and infrastructure provided by the United States which makes their survival possible in Afghanistan. 

With the United States withdrawing its troop from the region, the United Kingdom is also following in the footsteps and that remains the underlying factor behind the removal of the UK troops from Afghanistan. 

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