Unusually, the Prime Minister will not meet with me – Sturgeon, Nicola.

Nicola Sturgeon has described Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision not to meet with her during his visit to Scotland to address the country’s coronavirus recovery as “weird.”

Boris Johnson has declined to meet with Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, at her official residence in Edinburgh, Bute House.

As the Prime Minister began his two-day journey north of the border, Ms. Sturgeon declared that she does not feel “snubbed,” but rather a “missed opportunity.”

Mr. Johnson had previously declared that he was “excited” to speak with Ms. Sturgeon.

However, he noted in a letter to her that this should take place in a “structured venue for continuous conversation between the Government and the devolved administrations to deliver significant outcomes in the interests of people across the UK.”

“I do not feel rejected,” Ms. Sturgeon told radio and television stations. I believe that the majority of people will find it odd that we have a Prime Minister visiting Scotland who speaks frequently and correctly about the importance of cooperating and working together to get through Covid and into recovery but who does not take the opportunity while in Scotland to speak directly with me about how we might cooperate and work together.

“I think it will strike people as odd, and Boris Johnson will have to explain why.” Given Covid, this would be the first time we would meet in person. It would have been an amazing opportunity in my opinion.” I intended to see him at Bute House today; although Boris Johnson and I differ on a lot of issues, we both head governments that are trying to bring our nation through Covid, and therefore share a great deal.

“I am willing to collaborate with whoever and however necessary to free Scotland from Covid and reintroduce it to the world.”

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