When A-Level results date is 2021, and Why This Year?

Young people from all over the United Kingdom are looking forward to opening up their A-Level results.

With examinations canceled in a row for a second year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, things were slightly different this year, and A-Level students’ results will be taught again.

In the absence of the usual A-level examinations, teachers instead assessed and graded the performance and progress of each student throughout the year.

According to the Education Department and the British Exams Regulator Ofqual, teachers are determined by drawing on a “range of evidence” only based on what students were taught between school and college closures. However, how do you find your A-level results this year, and why is the date set? 

When is the result of A-Level 2021?

On Tuesday, 10 August, students of the sixth form will collect their A-level results from around 8.30 am. GCSE students will also receive earlier grades than usual, and the results will only be obtained two days later, on 12 August.

Why are the results of A-level released earlier this year?

Under normal circumstances, students are usually graduated in late August. Still, the results day for 2021 at A-Level has been moved to allow students time to register their appeals when they do not have the grades necessary to secure their place in the university.

If you think there has been an error in calculating your qualifications, you can appeal to the Examining Board.

First, you should talk to a teacher, tutor, or director at your school or college, as all processes have been followed properly. Then, if an error is found, you may submit a revised grade to the Examining Board. Just remember that an appeal may lead to both your quality and your status calls about ever; if your teachers comply and you still want to appeal, the examining board can also check that all processes and examination board requirements have been fulfilled and, if appropriate, award you a revised rating.

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